Data Services for the Global Cloud Resolving Model (GCRM)

The GCRM, under development at Colorado State university, will simulate global climate on the scale of 2-4km. The GCRM is based on the geodesic grid. We are providing data services for the GCRM.

  • Overview
  • Presentations: papers, presentations, articles, highlights
  • Pagoda: Parallel Analysis of Geoscience Data -- custom analysis API and command-line tools (ala the NetCDF Operators)
  • GIO: API on top of Parallel NetCDF or NetCDF4 for parallel IO for geodesic grids
  • VisIt Plugin: instructions, tutorials, and examples for the VisIt plugin developed by Prabhat at LBL
  • VarToImage: earlier work on visualization prior to VisIt, used for validating the GIO
  • DataModel: how the geodesic grid is mapped to NetCDF files, conformance to and development of the UGRID standard
  • Useful Numbers: useful information about the grid dimensions
  • GCRM Model(s): how to access, build, and run the GCRM model(s)
  • Performance Modeling: how we are using TAU to examine and improve model performance

Sample Data

We have run the jablonowski test case out to (or near) 12 days with the atmos and zgrd model at various resolutions. This data can be found on the nersc archive at /home/projects/gcrm.

From hopper, access the archive via pftp archive